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Design Tips

The 5 Second Rule: Remember that you have just five seconds to explain your value proposition to users when they enter to your site. The back button is the most widely used command on the web. If you don’t answer a user’s needs right away, he or she will click “back” and exit your web site. Make sure your website site features compelling copy that draws readers in and gives them reasons to stay. Try WebHost - we design beautiful but more important useful websites attracting and keeping your customers attention, and host them on our web servers.

Keep it Fresh: Content is still king. You don’t want visitors to your site to see outdated content and think your business isn’t active online, which could affect your bottom line. Your web site is your company’s face to the world. Make sure your web site shows that your company is up to date on industry trends and is actively engaged by regularly creating new content.Good relevant contend, don’t waste people's time.

Don’t Make Me Think: User experience is the key to any good web design. People should be able to navigate throughout your site without confronting dead ends that cause them to navigate away from your site. Your website’s layout should be straightforward so that users can easily move from page to page.

It’s About the User’s Needs, Not About You: In the early days of the internet, a lot of business websites concentrated on themselves. They went to great lengths to show what they did and why they were a great company. While this hasn’t exactly changed, these days the internet’s best sites are much more focused on what a business can do for a user. Concentrating on what you can do for the user instead of what you want the user to know about you will help your site to become a more effective sales tool.

Don’t Fall Behind – Your Competitors Will Beat You

While getting to the #1 position for a great organic keyword or building up a massive and engaged social media following can make you feel like your business is on top of the world, it’s important to not get carried away. One of the best ways to fall behind to your competitors is letting your illustrious rankings or followers go to your head as a sign your work is complete. Always stay on top of your online presence and continuously work to ensure your website is as optimized for business as possible while keeping track of what your competitors are doing as well.

Start with SEO in Mind

When you are initially planning designing a website, make your site as optimized as possible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concerns. Take note of the terms you want to rank for and use them in the appropriate title tags, URL chains, H1 tags, and H2 tags to help your website rank more highly on search result pages and to help your website generate non-branded organic traffic that leads to new sales.

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